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About Illuminado

Welcome to Illuminado, I would love to help introduce you towards a Path of Empowerment. I'm dedicated to giving you the very best of great reads, power of visual affirmation and self awareness.

Several years ago on my own journey, living with depression, anxiety and many what ifs... I began to realize there has to be something here, there has to be purpose. Then I began reading certain popular self improvement books and my thought was Ok!... I get this but through my years with a total different mindset. How could I just read a good book and change be so automatic? This is not how this works. I needed to continue reading. I needed continuous growth through multiple genres and multiple sources. So I journeyed on this pathway until I've built a library of knowledge. Books that have caught my attention and also that have not. I've figured out which ones have had a great impact on my mental understanding. Those of which I'll will continue to recommend to you with hopes of inspiration to give you a pathway to empowerment of self. I am on this path with you and I am still on this journey. Together we can grow.

For the future of this website, I will continue to invest in growth and producing larger inventory through several stages. A large community of mentorships will be my ultimate goal. You take any pathway you choose. Whether through books, art or just suggestion and feedback. All positive influence will be welcome...

Empowering knowledge is Power.